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2020-04-18 07:40 pm
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mandatory header post

→ This is a personal blog = fandom flail + RL rants
→ no random friending. comments are screened.
→ fic + podfic @ [profile] inkroulette
→ I believe there are civilized human beings behind those keyboards,
so please mind your manners.

*wonderful Kameface from yourside
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2010-03-06 12:33 am

[Fandom] Exchange help post

Since I plan to participate in several exchanges in the JE fandom, this might make things easier. This list is non-exhaustive and non-binding, this isn’t a guide to what I only like in fic at all times. Also, everyone has their own tastes; I respect that, please respect mine. I’m blatantly coping [livejournal.com profile] ryogrande’s list and format, but if that’s well-done and we have some things in common, no one gets hurt ♥. Also, keep in mind I enjoy subtlety. And gen fics or crack fics. The fact I have some preferences when it comes to kinks doesn't mean I can't enjoy a nice vague romantic R-rated scene full of meta.

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