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→ This is a personal blog = fandom flail + RL rants
→ no random friending. comments are screened.
→ fic + podfic @ [profile] inkroulette
→ I believe there are civilized human beings behind those keyboards,
so please mind your manners.

*wonderful Kameface from yourside
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Head over to [livejournal.com profile] inkroulette

Because when I thought it was impossible, I had nothing else to do (*gasp*) and kept on going. After 189 entries copy-pasted, I'm tired and don't want to see LJ for a long long time. In the middle of it, the sap in me wanted to say no and keep everything here. Especially because in some fics (like the last scene of the 100 Scenes or in Sugar-covered Madness), there were threads and threads of amusing and lovely comments. And gif abuse ♥. Now I'm incredibly late for the thing I was having tonight, but my anal retentive side wanted to get this done today. Hope to see you over there as well ♥.

ps.- Can I mention how much I love [livejournal.com profile] unvorsum's icons on the banner in the comm? They're gorgeous.
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Since I plan to participate in several exchanges in the JE fandom, this might make things easier. This list is non-exhaustive and non-binding, this isn’t a guide to what I only like in fic at all times. Also, everyone has their own tastes; I respect that, please respect mine. I’m blatantly coping [livejournal.com profile] ryogrande’s list and format, but if that’s well-done and we have some things in common, no one gets hurt ♥. Also, keep in mind I enjoy subtlety. And gen fics or crack fics. The fact I have some preferences when it comes to kinks doesn't mean I can't enjoy a nice vague romantic R-rated scene full of meta.

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